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Insight and Expertise Drive Results
Insight and Expertise Drive Results
About Bullseye Corporate

We support publicly traded companies in their quest to succeed by way of capital markets. This is what we live and breathe and it aligns with core values, nothing succeeds like the steady march, our clients need the advice of seasoned professionals, time is of the essence – things happen quickly in the financial markets, projecting confidence is key to our clients’ success.

What We Do

Bullseye specializes in managing the perception of the investor market and has a record of achievements in media relations and communications. We take a multi-prong, proactive approach to gaining media attention and offer deep expertise based on in the trenches from floor trading, television and podcast production, product launches, analyst communications, corporate communications, marketing and media relations.

We recognize that clients at certain stages in their progress, particularly in the early days on the market, need a marketing plan and solid branding and communications counsel. Often budgets for a full time inhouse marketing professional is not feasible. We can develop a marketing plan that ensures your differentiation in the market place is clear and help build your brand at an affordable price.

We have bench strength and a combined track record of 30+ years of success in B2B, financial, consumer and business sectors.

Targeted corporate communications plans to meet your company's unique needs
Targeted corporate communications plans to meet your company's unique needs
Our Team

Includes a stable of equally nimble, experienced professionals who are strategic and who bring deep financial markets experience. We don’t push work down to junior people. You deal with resourceful senior advisors.

headshot Crystal

Crystal Quast

A creative corporate communications and media relations professional with 20+ years senior level experience. Crystal works with Corporate Executives to create and execute financial communication and media strategies that support corporate objectives.

headshot Maureen

Maureen Meehan

A marketing and communications specialist, Maureen brings expertise in integrated marketing, branding, corporate communications, digital marketing and content creation. She has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of communications and business development in consumer and B2B markets, and worked directly with C-suite personnel in both private and public sectors.